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Tiroche Diamonds specializes in manufacturing large diamonds of 10 carats reaching 30-40 carats and often larger .We also manufacture smaller diamonds starting at 1 carat both in in round and fancy cuts.

Tiroche Diamonds manufactures breathtaking diamonds in all colors and shapes with the highest level of make. Its diamonds are polished at its facilities in Ramat Gan, near the diamond exchange complex, in order to enable the firm to have complete and constant control over the cutting and polishing process.

The final shape of the diamonds is based on the shape of the rough item. For Tiroche Diamonds, market demand is secondary to the stone that it knows it can create to the highest standards. The diamonds are then placed in its inventory where they are marked and sold in Israel and around the globe.

The company sources its rough goods across the world first hand. Buying goods with the use of middlemen allows it to reduce costs which it is able to pass on to clients with competitively priced goods. It buys its rough stones world wide, mostly in Russia, Africa and Antwerp.

The firm supplies its high-quality diamonds to clients all over the world, including wholesalers and jewelers, as well as private clients and investors, in India, Belgium, Hong Kong and the USA, where it has sales representatives in New York.

Polishing large diamonds creates a considerable amount of smaller rough stones that are suitable for polishing. This means it is also able to cut and polish a significant volume of smaller polished goods which it offers to the market.