"We build emotions through diamonds"

Tiroche Diamonds was established 40 years ago by Amir Tiroche, the owner and CEO of the company which is based in the Israeli Diamond Exchange, located in the city of Ramat-Gan. We at Tiroche diamonds specialize in manufacturing high-quality large diamonds of all shapes in both white and fancy colors, putting our focus on diamonds of 10 carats and larger, up to 40-50 carats.

Our dedication lies in crafting the highest quality diamonds that touch the customer's heart. Every diamond crafted at Tiroche is authentic, rare, and elegantly beautiful. Our quality control is unmatched in the natural and fancy diamond industry. Once the diamond comes out of production, it enters quality control. Here we will check for cut, clarity, color, carat, finishing & many other quality parameters.

The diamonds sourced at Tiroche diamonds are first hand. With the use of or wide sourcing network, rough diamonds are bought at competitively low prices, and the benefits are then passed to the customer. We supply diamonds to wholesalers, jewelers, private clients & investors all over the world across countries such as India, Belgium, Hong Kong, USA, etc.

We are constantly working towards crafting the next great natural polished diamonds. Are you looking for the same? Explore Now.

A Glimpse of our founder-

Amir is a highly experienced member of the Israeli and global diamond exchange with great expertise in rough diamond assessment, diamond polishing as well as trading. Amir Tiroche utilizes his global connections to source the very best rough diamonds.

Amir Tiroche's son, Alon, joined the business three years ago, introducing modern marketing methods to the firm's operations. Alon also assists Amir in managing business relationships with the company's buyers.
  • Wide range of fancy diamonds

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