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Natural Polished &
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Our expertise

Tiroche Diamonds as a brand name has become synonymous with world-class quality polished diamonds and fancy diamonds. With our unrivaled experience of more than 40 years, we have been successful in crafting breathtaking diamonds in all shapes & sizes with the highest quality standards.

Our offerings

We specialize in manufacturing and polishing large natural diamonds ranging from 10 carats to 40 carats or more. Our range of smaller diamonds starts from 1 carat in both round and fancy cuts.

Our Distribution Network

We supply diamonds to wholesalers, jewelers, private clients & investors all over the world across countries such as India, Belgium, Hong Kong, USA, etc.

The company sources its rough goods across the world first hand. Buying goods with the use of middlemen allows it to reduce costs which it can pass on to clients with competitively priced goods. It buys its rough stones worldwide, mostly in Russia, Africa, and Antwerp.

Timeless Beauty

Diamonds are a timeless beauty that stands every test of time & perfectly defines forever.

Gift of Nature

Diamonds are the outcomes of nature’s rarest & miraculous wonders.

Emblem of love

Diamonds are the most universal & renowned symbol of love & relationships.

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